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BOVER Iluminacion, a Spanish manufacturer located in the outskirts of Barcelona, has been producing designer lights and lamps with contemporary modern style since 1996. Bover aims to define a personal line to maintain balance between quality and form, offering models persisting on time that bring warmth and comfort to domestic and contract environment. As a consequence, the lights by BOVER are as different as their designers' pilosophies and reflect how each of them feels their surrounding cultural world.

Joana Bover's models with classic shape and design rely on plain or pleated fabric or paper shades combined with leather, nickel, chrome or iron. The floor or pendant lamps Maxi or Mar look like textile lighting sculptures conveying soft and diffuse light for an ambience full of atmosphere. Pendant lamps like Lua can be customized by choosing from a large variety of optional shades and structure finishes.

Meanwhile, renown French designer Christophe Mathieu adheres on smooth, straight lines in chrome for his small, iconic wall lamps Twall, Klar or Kleine. Rather contemporary design with reduced lines are also characteristics of Jordi Lopis' wall lamp Katsura inspired by Japanese architecture or wall lamp Liban by Luis Porqueras.

The Artesanal series on the other hand combines iron structures with rustic parchment or cotton shades for a contemporary country style that evokes Mediterranean flair. In short, Bover Iluminacion provides a broad palette of high quality lighting fixtures that corresponds with different tastes and interior decoration styles always creating a harmonious interior lighting scheme.

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