Design Wall Lights & Wall Lamps

In hallways and staircases, wall lamps provide orientation light while fulfilling decorative functions at the same time. Even formally discreet luminaires achieve this through the dramatic lighting effects that they throw against the wall. Narrow cones of light emphasize the height of a room, while large light and shadow patterns can fill the entire wall. A wall light is best used when it is given enough space, but it can also look particularly beautiful when the light of several lamps overlaps and forms complex patterns.

Wall lamps with indirect light hide their light source behind a cover and can be installed at eye level without glare. In living rooms or restaurants wall lights create atmospheric accents and give structure to a room. In pairs, wall lamps can flank living room sideboards or bathroom mirrors. Wall lights with direct light are used for targeted illumination of pictures or objects, or as reading lights next to the bed or sofa. Adjustable wall lamps with directable shades are especially useful here, as are wall lights with switches. While the lamps normally require a wall outlet, there are also wall lights with plug cable that can be connected to normal wall sockets.