Living Room Lights

Indoor spaces can only develop their full potential with the right lighting. This applies equally to private and public interiors. Every room and every context makes different demands, and the world of interior lighting is correspondingly diverse. Of course, they differ not only in terms of their lighting effect and technology, but also in terms of their design style. Because a lamp is never just a purely functional object, but always a design statement that, even when switched off, is able to shape the room and enchant people.

Interior lighting creates an atmosphere and is carefully geared towards people's needs. The perfect interior lighting combines several light sources with different effects and functions, is adaptable and precisely tailored to the layout and purpose of a room. It ideally mixes direct and indirect light sources, uniform general lighting with specially aligned and spatially limited light sources.

There are interior lights in every style and made of many materials with different properties and unique charisma. In addition to functional lights that blend unobtrusively into the room, there are also models that draw everyone's attention. A stylish design classic wants to be presented prominently, not only impresses with its light, but also with its exterior.

Technical aspects are also important when choosing interior lighting, for example dimmability or other lighting functions such as motion sensors, programmable lighting scenarios or control via modern lighting systems such as Casambi. In damp rooms, it is also important to observe the IP protection class, and for LED lights, the color temperature should always be selected according to the task: cozy, warm white for the living area, functional and cool for the workplace.