Design Ceiling Lights

Designer ceiling lamps are stylish light sources that shouldn't be missing from any room. A centrally mounted ceiling light is particularly suitable for general lighting – depending on the room size and layout, several lights in a row or in a cluster arrangement might be appropriate. In addition to pieces that blend discreetly into the architecture of the room, there are also unique designs that set strong accents and become the highlight in modern interiors. Ceiling lights can throw interesting patterns of light and shadow on the ceiling, shaping the character of the entire room.

Functional luminaires with diffuse light are useful practically everywhere and offer bright, uniform illumination, which is particularly welcome in offices, work rooms and in the kitchen. Dimmable ceiling lights are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms as they provide cozy background lighting. Ceiling lights with indirect light use the ceiling as a reflective surface and immerse the room in a glare-free, pleasant light. Ceiling lights with directed light are ideal for the targeted illumination of specific corners of a room. In rooms with a lower ceiling, flat ceiling lights are the best choice, while large-scale luminaires provide high-ceilinged rooms with a striking focal point.