Vibia Big

Big Collection

Lievore Altherr Molina

Vibia Big are round ceiling and pendant lights for glare-free
ambient light, which are particularly suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

The large Vibia Big collection by the Lievore Altherr Molina designer trio offers pendant and ceiling lights in two different sizes and optionally for use with energy-saving lamps or with integrated LEDs. The models provide uniform, generous general lighting and are particularly suitable for rooms with high and/or dark ceilings.

The diffuse and wide light distribution of Big is created by the rather flat, circular diffuser made of methacrylate, which emits completely glare-free light. It is enclosed by a white or chrome-plated stainless steel ring. The Vibia Big ceiling lamp or the Big pendant lamp are each available with a diameter of 100 or 120 cm. The Big recessed ceiling lights even offer five different sizes, which is suitable to rooms of all kinds and also provide the right lighting in passageways or corridors.

If desired, the pendant lights can be tilted to achieve more concentrated lighting. In any case, Big by Vibia offers generous room lighting and a geometric-puristic design, which significantly enhances modern facilities.

The Big 0538, 0537, 0533, 0532 ceiling and pendant lights are LED lights with built-in LEDs. They are dimmable and optionally available with 3000K LEDs for warm white light or with 4000K LEDs for brighter, neutral white light.