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Vibia is a Spanish brand for innovative and high-quality indoor and outdoor lighting.

Vibia was founded in Barcelona in 1987 and soon enjoyed international success. Barcelona is home to a young, ambitious design scene whose avant-garde ideas also shape the design of Vibia. But important designers from all over the world have also worked for Vibia, for example Arik Levy, Stefan Diez, Lievore Altherr Molina or Ichiro Iwasaki.

In terms of aesthetics and technology, Vibia lights are up to date and follow a clear, minimalist design language that never seems sober - the designs are intended to arouse emotions. Despite their simplicity, the shapes are always harmonious and often playful, reminiscent of things from nature or everyday life and amaze and delight with fine, unexpected details. The aim is always to provide users with a wide repertoire of lights with which living spaces and other environments can be individually equipped and perfectly illuminated according to their own preferences and needs. For this, Vibia relies on high-quality materials, the latest technologies and a well thought-out design that follows a minimalist aesthetic and thus perfectly complements many architectural and furnishing styles.

The Vibia range includes decorative individual lights for private homes, as well as modular lamps that can also be used to effectively illuminate public and representative spaces. Elegant outdoor collections for the garden and terrace cleverly mediate between architecture and plant life and offer numerous variants and design options.

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