Chrona Collection

The Graypants Chrona pendant lights consist of vertical or
horizontal metallic discs with a slight curvature that reflect the LED light.

The Chrona Dish pendant lights by Graypants are available with different diameters and with vertical or horizontal reflectors. All lights in this collection are equipped with a black powder-coated canopy and each has an acrylic diffuser, which is set in the edge of the brass or stainless steel disc. Dish's LED light is enticingly reflected by the disc.

Attention: The Chrona Dish pendant lights must hang in a dry room and be protected from moisture and haze. Brass has the property of tarnishing and losing its shine after a while. The manufacturer therefore recommends counteracting this with a polishing cloth as soon as the brass surface starts to tarnish. If necessary, the surface can also be sealed with a special wax. The manufacturer Graypants advises against using aggressive cleaning agents.

A cable length of 5 m can also be ordered on request.