William Brand

William Brand

The Dutch product designer, William Brand, was born in Alphen aan den Rijn in 1963, and showed great interest in creative work and a fascination for electricity even during his childhood. He completed his architecture- and furniture-design studies at the Academy of Expressive Arts in Utrecht in 1988 and founded his first own furniture company called "Brand Meublen" in the same year. He met the sculptor, Annet van Egmond, at the Academy and founded the company "Brand van Egmond" together with her in 1989.

The light fixtures designed by William Brand have to be regarded as works-of-arts more than as furniture. While William Brand's furniture design impresses with minimalist aesthetics, his light fixtures possess an expressive and emotional character, which is eye-catching. The exquisite lighting objects are the result of his enthousiam for handicraft, his passion for experimentation with new materials and his respect for the artistic creations of passed times.

Brand van Egmond launched lighting sculptures which are now regarded as designer classics and bear the creative mark of their founder. The impressive and fancy chandeliers in the Delphinium or Hollywood collections with shades of artistically wrought metal are easily recognizable and exude luxury and individualism.

William Brand has already created light fixtures for many renowned clients, such as Chopard, Four Seasons, Hilton and Neuhaus. The designer creates original lighting sculptures to meet individual clients' demands in his own workshop, and his new innovative and glamorous light collections receive an enthusiastic response from the public every year.

Photo: Mark Groeneveld