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When one thinks of architectural lighting fixtures, the lights that come to mind are mostly technical and non decorative. In the Belgian manufacturers Wever & Ducré 's product portfolio there are luminaires that combine both the technical and aesthetic requirements of architects and customers. Its product range features recessed lamps for wall and ceilings, wall lights, spot lights, lighting systems on tracks and outdoor lamps as well as decorative suspensions. High-quality manufacturing and innovative techniques, including light sources like the LED, characterise these products with their excellent light performance and attractive appearance. 

The high-quality design in terms of form and function by Wever & Ducré - Architectural Lighting is best expressed by the series Wever & Ducré Box or Wever & Ducré Concrete Tube. The cubic lamp Box with its plain cubic shape is available in a choice of surfaces that underline its purity. The particularity that Box shares with other wall lights by Wever & Ducré is the availability of two light outlets. Depending on the materials from which the covers are made, (glass or aluminium), and their numbers of slats, (one or two), the emitted light cones produce diverse effects on the wall or in the architectural context. This is also true for the wall lamps Wever & Ducré Docus, Wever & Ducré J.J.W by Jules Wabbes or for the outdoor light series Wever & Ducré Tube. The suspension lamp Wever & Ducré Concrete Tube is especially attractive to architects because the light with a classical cylindrical shape is made of concrete.  An exquisite inside coating turns the light into a coveted design object that is suitable in both the private sphere and offices. 

Indoor light fixtures by Wever & Ducré are discreet and blend in with their surroundings. Recessed lights, like the Luna, Deep and Plano series, seem to disappear into walls and ceilings. The spotlights Wever & Ducré Go-On, Pluxo or Rilox cast focussed light on selected areas and have a vintage look that is reminiscent of the 1970s. This also applies to the Stipo outdoor lights and the spotlights of the Docus series. A number of bollard-lights stylishly enhance outdoor-areas around building and in gardens. The series Palluz and Linus, as well as the slender Polar and Ziba, are only a few example of the large product range by the Belgian manufacturer. Wever & Ducré also offers an array of decorative light fixtures. One of them is the series J.J.W. designed by the famous Belgian architect  Jules Wabbes. He made an impressive design statement with lamps from aluminium stripes shaped like pyramids. Also the extraordinary chandeliers in the Octonom series designed by Wever & Ducré are real eye-catchers in the rooms. The wall light Lightdrop is another example of the legendary Belgian humor. This light shaped like a faucet serves as a lamp that looks like a luminescent drop. 

The company Wever & Ducré based in Roselare, in Belgium, was founded in 1985 and has a long history in the manufacturing of architectural lighting, as well as the development of high-quality lighting concepts. Progress and innovation are at the core of Wever & Ducré's work and result in creative products that excell both in designs and technology, including the newest LEDs. Wever & Ducré has launched an array of new products on the market. Another big step taken by the company is the cooperation with the Austrian company XAL that specialises in lighting systems for shops, offices, hotels and private customers.

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