Wästberg Winkel w127

Dirk Winkel

The Winkel W127 task and reading lights by Wästberg combine
minimalism, convenient handling and a flexibly steerable LED light.

The w127 light collection by Wästberg compiles a range of reading and task lights characterized by a reduced, modern design and a great flexibility.

The designer Dirk Winkel relies on minimalism and clear modern lines for the w127 light. Like the light structure with one or two arms, the compact light head is orientable. It is a no-frills light with the result that the light fixture takes the appearance of a clear, graphic accent on desks and bedside tables.

Not only does w127 have an appealing, straight appearance, it also has an attractive soft feel and an intuitive handling. The switch-dimmer is located on the light head, enabling to effortlessly operate the light fixture and adapt its light intensity to one's personal need.

For the w127 lights, Wästberg uses an own-developed high-quality, partly biologically based synthetic material.

The Winkel w127 light was awarded the Good Design Award 2012 and was nominated for the Swedish Design Award. It obtained a "Special Mention" from the German Design Prize.


Dirk Winkel
Dirk Winkel

The Berlin-based product designer Dirk Winkel specializes on furniture and light design and designed numerous lights for Wästberg.