w182 Pastille Collection

The w182 Pastille lighting collection from the Swedish brand Wästberg
stand out with rotatable illuminated discs that can illuminate surfaces evenly.

The Wästberg w182 Pastille collection was designed by Kim Colin and Sam Hecht of the London design studio Industrial Facility and inspires with simple, harmonious shapes and brilliant, flexibly adjustable light.

Basically, all w182 Pastille lights consist of a circular light disk, which is attached to a slim light rod. The diffuser cover of the lamp head and the permanently installed LEDs ensure uniform, glare-free light. The lamp head can be rotated downwards, upwards and around its own axis and directs its light as desired onto the underlying table surface, against the wall, into the room or towards the floor.

The Wästberg Pastille lights are made from bio-polyamides, a material that consists of over 60 percent renewable and biodegradable castor plants. The material makes the Pastille w182 lights stable, at the same time they are lighter than metal or glass lights. The on and off button is located on the tip of the light rod in a subtle and unobtrusive way.

The design of the modern Wästberg Pastille collection is based on the function of flexibly illuminating areas and convinces with a clear, typically Scandinavian design language that above all suits modern and minimalist environments. The w182 Pastille collection includes wall lamps, floor lamps or table lamps with a circular base, screw fastening or clamp.