w171 Alma Collection

The lights in the w171 Alma collection by Tham & Videgård
for Wästberg have received the "Lighting of the Year 2017" prize.

The w171 Alma light collection by Wästberg consists of flat wall lamps, suspensions and ceiling lamps with circular reflectors of lacquered aluminium in white or grey-white.

Because their reflector features regular, softly curved, sine waves, the Alma lights are easily recognized and admired for their sculptural beauty. This smooth and, at the same time, reduced shape creates an harmonious lighting atmosphere and sets decorative accents in the room.

Originally w171 Alma was designed for a co-working place located in Stockholm, which Tham & Videgård had to renovate in collaboration with Wästberg. Alma, which was the result of the new lighting concept, earned the Form Award of the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and was the winner of the "Lighting of the year 2017" competition.