Vibia Funnel

Funnel Collection

Ramòn Benedito

The light fixtures by the Spanish manufacturer have a
distinctive discreet shape and generate a glare-free and reflected light.

The Funnel collection by Vibia comprises wall and ceiling lights with a subtle design that fits perfectly into the architecture of a room. The organic, soft shape is not only visually beautiful, but also provides a pleasant, glare-free, indirect light that is shielded towards the front and projected back against the wall or the ceiling.

The Funnel lights come in different sizes. They can be installed individually, in rows or in groups and thus allow numerous lighting concepts and ideas. In subtle white, Funnel blends seamlessly into the room, but it is also available in more extravagant colours.

The funnel lights, a design by Ramòn Benedito, are available for conventional light bulbs or with integrated LEDs. In any case, the light source is invisible. Thanks to its organic, simple construction, the light does not dazzle, but is projected atmospherically onto the wall or ceiling. The softly rounded luminaire body is made of lacquered aluminum and looks like it is made of a single piece. With its broad "foot" it seems to merge with the wall or ceiling, at the same time this part of the lamp also fulfills the function of a reflector.

The lights from Vibia are characterized by their subtle elegance and fit harmoniously into almost any furnishing style. They can be used in practically any room in an apartment or public building. Funnel is ideal for lighting corridors, for example, if it is installed in a row on the wall or ceiling. But even as a solitaire, it creates a magical light accent in the right place and gives empty walls a stylish, decorative detail even when switched off.