Quadra Ice Collection

The popular ceiling lamp's convex glass is held by
discreet clamps and provides wonderfully even general light.

The Quadra Ice collection by Vibia is one of the brand's most popular lights. As a ceiling lamp, it emits diffuse light and fits discreetly into any style. Thanks to its flat design, it is also suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

Quadra Ice shines with a simple design without superfluous details, which still has an emotional effect and emits beautiful light. The glass diffuser has a square basic shape and bulges gently under the ceiling like a soft fabric sail. The structure remains invisible, only four subtle metal clips can be seen and reinforce the feather-light character of the elegant ceiling lamp.

The lamp is available in different sizes and is always characterized by its low height, which is perfect for rooms with low ceilings. It almost looks like an organic part of the ceiling. In addition to the Quadra Ice models for conventional, replaceable light bulbs, the Vibia classic is now also available with built-in LEDs.

Thanks to its beautiful, clear design and the pleasant diffuse light, Quadra Ice is suitable for practically every room in the home, as well as for business rooms or offices. The light fixture designed by Proli Diffusion Studio stays discreetly in the background and impresses with its functional and aesthetic lines.