45° Collection

Vibia 45° ceiling lights are tubes with different lengths for direct
light emission that make individual arrangements and lighting effects possible.

The 45° ceiling lights by Vibia are narrow, vertical tubes made of aluminum, their ends have an oblique opening and produce accentuated light. The tubes are available in three different sizes and allow individualized compositions for attractive lighting installations. The inside of the 45° ceiling light features a diffuser made of polycarbonate, which is replaceable and delivered in white and in orange. The orange diffuser provides a warmer and more exciting light colour.

The permanently installed, energy-efficient LEDs have a high light output and generate extra warm white light (2700K). On request, the 45° lights can also be supplied with cooler colour temperatures of 3000K or 4000K. The LEDs can be dimmed via push or 1-10V interface. For this purpose, an additional 5 wire cable must be installed.

The direct light and the personalized lighting effects fit into many different contexts. The minimalist Vibia ceiling lights find their place above counters, in reception halls or living rooms with high ceilings.