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The Dane Verner Panton was a colourful personality, and a visionary multitalent. His designs can be found among all kind of design classics and always look and have a contemporay look-and-feel. This means with reference to light and in his own words: „By experimenting with lighting..I try to show new ways to encourage people to use their fantasy and make their surroundings more exciting.“ Verner Panton had a remarkable faith in the unlimited possibilities of the form and worked successfully to create a new set of theories about how lighting should work an how it should influence its surrounding. His lamps are in many ways universal, timeless and beautifully complementing most styles. Series like the Fun lights from 1964 with their shell disks and chrome-plated metal chains are typical for his unconventional yet inspiring style. Verner Panton lights are now manufactured and marketed by the Danish firm Verpan. Each designer light bears as sign of originality his signature.

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