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Nordic design is refreshingly different. This is true for the products of Finnish manufacturer Tunto Design, which combines interesting innovations with smart style. Tunto LED is a design product that became hugely successful shortly after it was launched on the market. Ultra-flat LEDs, natural and typically Finnish materials, formal beauty and intuitive use explain the success of Tunto LED, an unparalleled contemporary design object. Moreover, each object is manufactured by hand in this very friendly company founded by the head designer Mikko Kärkkäinen. Cooperation with established  companies in the field of lighting and technology like Osram and PowerKiss broadens Tunto's range of possibilities joining vivid creativity with novel technology. The minimalist lighting solutions by Tunto are appreciated by architects and interior decorators. Luckily, the Tunto LED series's popular light fixtures also suit the private sphere.

Table lamp Tunto LED1 is the best example of clever design by the Finn company based in Järvenpää. The structure of Tunto LED1 is made of a thin sheet of plywood bent in two places and available in nut, oak or Finnish beech. The light is also available in a choice of lacquered surfaces on the outside. The lower part of the wooden structure serves as a base and contains the operating-devices, the middle part provides the stem, and the upper part that forms the head has 9 small light dots equipped with 15W warm-light LEDs. Tunto LED1 is only 7 mm thick, making it a remarkable design object that immediately attracted attention worldwide. It was awarded a large number of design prizes, such as the coveted Red-Dot-Design Award in 2009, the Good Design Award in 2009, the Green Good Design Award in 2010 and was nominated for the German Design award in the same year. The largest version, Tunto LED4, and the floor lamp, Tunto LED2, share the same prestige and popularity.

At a time when new devices, whether smart-phones or tablet PCs, are intuitively operated, it is only understandable that a light fixture should be operated by means of sensors. The use of the energy-efficient globally-available LEDs allows for a completely new kind of designs. The leading German manufacturer Osram is responsible for the high quality of the technology in the Tunto products. In the future, Osram and Tunto are even planning an OLED-product. The Finnish company PowerKiss is another partner that has cooperated with Tunto by offering its newest technology. The manufacturer of cable-free loading technologies developed the substructure of the famous table lamp Tunto LED8 PowerKiss. To load a mobile device, it has only to be laid on the base of the lamp. It is just another special characteristic of this innovative light fixture. Creativity and perfection characterise the products of this company.

Tunto's range of products is completed with the sleek, linear suspension lamp Tunto LED28 and the wall lamps Tunto LED40 and Tunto LED60. Here also, the team focuses on traditional wood and craftsmanship. Mikko Kärkkäinen, a still young but already recognised designer, is head designer of Tunto. If his personal role models in terms of design are Alvar Aalto, Tapio Wirkkala and Andy Warhol, he draws his inspiration from the Finnish landscapes and from the urban Finnish culture. Mikko Kärkkäien's and his team's bondless creativity, keen awareness of future technologies and aesthetic talent have given birth to a new star in the Nordic design starry firmament.

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