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Tunto LED8 QI Wireless Charging table lamp with wireless charging station

The innovative table lamp Tunto LED8 QI Wireless Charging combines a charming design of real wood and ultra thin integrated LED with an integrated wireless charging station. Read more


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The table lamp LED8 QI is a miracle of modern technology created by the Finnish lighting manufacturer Tunto.

With the innovative QI Wireless Charging technology, it is possible to recharge mobile phones conveniently, completely without a charging cable. QI charging stations are integrated in the surfaces of pieces of furniture, an approach that is ideal for cafés, restaurants or airports. In the case of Tunto LED8 QI, the QI charging station is hidden in the lamp's base and completely invisible.

The structure of LED8 QI Wireless Charging consists of a thin wooden board which is bent twice, dividing the lamp in three parts – the base, the body and the lamp head – while forming a seamless, organic whole. Nine LEDs are integrated in the inner side of the lamp head. They allow to switch the light on and off or to adjust its intensity. The base contains the QI charging technology, invisible under the wooden surface of the lamp.

This highly modern light miracle has an unmistakable minimalistic aspect – yet feels warm and welcoming thanks to the natural material wood.

Attention: The scope of delivery consists of one Tunto LED 8 QI Wireless Charging table lamp. The decorations that may be visible in the photographs, such as mobile phones, are not included in the delivery.

The Tunto table and floor lamps are furthermore equipped with a touch-sensitive point, which allows for easy control of light intensity.

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