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Tunto LED40 suspension lamp

Stylish suspension lamp Tunto LED40 with a cuboid structure in wood, available in 4 lengths. Particularly expressive when suspended above a dining table or as a LED office light. Dimmable.

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Product Family:Tunto LED28 / LED40
Designer:Mikko Kärkkäinen
Dimensions:Diffuser length 1,600, 1,300, 1,000 or 700 mm, depending on variation. Width and height 40 mm each. Ceiling canopy length 220 mm, ceiling canopy width 100 mm, ceiling canopy height 35 mm.
Bulbs:Small version (700 mm): 14W LEDs, 800 lm, 3,000 K warm white.
Medium-sized version (1,000 mm): 21W LEDs, 1,200 lm, 3,000 K, warm white.
Medium-sized version (1,300 mm): 28W LEDs, 1600 lm, 3,000 K, warm white.
Big version (1,600 mm): 36W, 2000 lm, 3,000 K warm white.
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Tunto LED40 suspension lamp

Suspension lamp LED 40 by Finnish manufacturer Tunto has a simple shape while still being an impressive interior accessory. It consists of a long wooden structure which is available in four sizes to choose from. The longest version has 1,6 meter and is made of genuine ash wood, the smaller versions are also available in genuine walnut wood. This luminaire comes with a special characteristic, it can be suspended either emitting light downwards or sideways.

The minimalistic appearance of this lamp is suitable for different types of interior styles. Due to the warm white LED light, it is ideal for the living area as well as for offices and home offices.