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Tunto LED28 suspension lamp

Tunto LED28 is a minimalistic, highly efficient suspension lamp. Made of walnut or ash wood, available in three different lengths and each only 28 mm thick. Warm white LED light. 100-240 volts. Read more


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A straight and slim shape but still highly luminous, this characterizes suspension lamp LED 28 of Finnish manufacturer Tunto. The name results from the energy-efficient lamp LED and from the extremely short edge-length of the cuboid-shaped luminaire with only 28 mm. This is also a characteristical feature of Finnish design by Tunto. The lamps of the LED-series are embedded in a very narrow structure, combined with natural wood of high quality, this constitutes a rare appearance among lamp designs. The suspension lamp is available in three lengths, which are either made of walnut or ash. Both wood variations have an organic oil wax finish.

This lamp is perfectly suitable for the illumination of an office or it matches a long dining table as a minimalistic accessory. The warm colour of the wood and the 3000 K warm-white colour of the LED light expresses coziness in spite of the straight shape.

Colour temperature 2700K (extra warm white) or 4000K (cool white) on request. Special cable lengths on request.

Please note that despite the picture the delivery includes only one lamp.

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