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Tunto LED28 Fix wall or ceiling lamp

Simple linear wall or ceiling lamp Tunto LED28 Fix has an ultrathin structure made of natural wood, either walnut or ash, in four lengthes each. Mounted on a steel holder and fixed on the wall.

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Product Family:Tunto LED28 / LED40
Designer:Mikko Kärkkäinen
Dimensions:Length 1,200 mm, 1,000 mm, 800 mm or 600 mm, depending on variation. Width and height 28 mm each.
Bulbs:Small version (600 mm): 10W LEDs, 340 lm, 3000 K warm white.
Small version (800 mm): 15W LEDs, 450 lm, 3000 K warm white.
Medium-sized version (1.000 mm): 18W LEDs, 560 lm, 3000 K warm white.
Big version (1.200 mm): 25W LEDs.
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Tunto LED28 Fix wall or ceiling lamp

The design of wall lamp or ceiling lamp Tunto LED 28 Fix is quite simple but still very effective. It comes with a typical Nordic minimalistic look using the matching material wood. Each luminaire has an organic oil wax finish, that underlines the aspect of high quality related to this product. The lamp is attached to the wall or ceiling through a steel holder that also provides for the electricity. Whether the luminaire is mounted horizontally or vertically depends on one's own taste, and the lamp is particularly impressive when assembled with other variations. Four different lengths are available, that reach up to more than 1 meter. The illumination is provided by highly efficient LED lamps, that are emitting a warm white and cozy light.

Please note that despite the picture only one lamp is included in the delivery.
The supplied converter must be hidden in the wall.