Butterfly Collection

The flat Butterfly lamps by Tunto combine the lively
natural beauty of wood with highly modern OLED technology.

The Butterfly lamp collection was designed by Mikko Kärkkäinen for Tunto and combines the latest in OLED technology, Scandinavian minimalist design and the natural beauty of wood.

The shape of the lamp is modern and elegant. The flat, curved body made of naturally grained wood is attached to the wall or ceiling with a subtle white base and seems to float gracefully and feather-light in the room. The rectangular shape with rounded edges turns out to be functional and decorative at the same time. The diffuser and the OLED panel are seamlessly integrated.

Butterfly exists as a wall and ceiling lamp with only a slightly curved body, and as a wall lamp with a bold 90° bend, which means that the light shines in vertical direction.

Thanks to the flat design, the luminaire is also suitable for rooms with a low ceiling or for narrow corridors. It can be installed as a single lamp, but also in rows and asymmetrical groups.