Trizo21 Lights & Lamps

Trizo21 manufactures indoor and outdoor light fixtures which appeal with a clear architectural design and produce a pleasant atmosphere. The Belgian company insists on handcrafted manufacturing and technical perfection.

The Belgian company Trizo was founded in 2001 by Bruno Van Meenen, an experienced lighting designer. He had the necessary skills and experience to develop his lights under the brand name Trizo21. From the beginning, he chose lighting structures with a simple, yet sophisticated style without frills. Van Meenen concentrates his efforts on the shape of the light to create the desired atmosphere. He compares the material quality with a camera lens, whose equipment is decisive for the pictures' quality. This explains why Van Meenen works exclusively with high-end materials to guarantee his lights' long lifespans and provide his clients with long-term satisfaction. For Van Meenen, the designer's talent and the materials are key-factors for success.

The Trizo brand stands for high-quality lighting hand-crafted in Belgium. During the production process, Trizo21 places great importance on technical perfection and sturdy, appropriate materials. Trizo's light bodies are often made of high-quality metals, such as brass and aluminium, forming a single piece. Modern lamps with energy-efficient LED lights are also important to the manager and designer Van Meenen.

Trizo's lights' shapes are characterized by purity, simplicity and geometry; lights designed especially for illumination are essentially functional with an efficient lighting technique. Typical Trizo lights bring the function to the fore instead of concentrating on design alone. This design principle has ensured Trizo21's success. Van Meenen has been awarded diverse prizes for the Trizo21 lights, such as the Henry van de Velde Award. Trizo21 lights have the made in Belgium label which guarantees the authenticity of its hand-made products, given by the organization UNIZO with headquarters in Brussels. Thanks to their outstanding quality, Trizo lights are exported to numerous countries.