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Top Light e.K. counts among the leading light fixture labels in Germany and specializes in bath illumination and luminous mirrors, yet also offers light fixtures for use in the private and public fields.

The label was founded in 1999 by Rainer Stratmeier who is still at the company's head today. Together with Rolf Ziel, he works on an innovative illumination, adapting to any given context and individual desires. Light fixtures by Top Light are characterized by clear shapes, a functional construction and high-quality materials. The collections are often available in many variants and various versions, so that they harmonize with many different furnishing styles and colour schemes. They offer needs-oriented, functional illumination with an individual note, and this for every area.

The versatile portfolio is suitable for nearly every task in a private or public context. While most of the light fixtures have been designed for inside, meanwhile Top Light also offers exterior lights featuring the typically elegant, unobtrusive aesthetics paired with a convincing quality.

The label integrates the newest technologies in its designs. For this reason, a great many models are equipped with LEDs and innovative light control systems with the aid of which the versatile light fixtures offer added flexibility and diversity.

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