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The British design brand is known for exceptional lights, furniture and home accessories that move stylistically between British aristocratic glamor and casual punk rock.

The company was founded in 2002 by the artist and designer Tom Dixon and produces lamps, tables and seating furniture in particular, but also smaller furnishings and accessories and even perfumes.

Tom Dixon himself is the brand's creative director and main designer. Its unmistakable style characterizes the entire range, from large pieces of furniture to small candlesticks.

Lamps and furniture from Tom Dixon often work with precious materials or refined surfaces, and bring glamor and an aristocratic touch to any environment. The artistic vocabulary includes borrowings from British tradition and classic English design, as well as archetypal, heavy forms and time and again metal - also in the form of metallized plastic, which allows special shapes and lighting effects. Glass and marble are also often and always used effectively. Innovation goes hand in hand with traditional manufacturing methods, especially in metal processing.

Tom Dixon lights are icons that can be found in many restaurants and shops. Whenever it comes to precious precious metal optics and mysterious shimmering light, Tom Dixon is the first choice.

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