Tom Dixon
Void Collection

The Void lights are an elegant design by Tom Dixon with an
organic, smooth form and shiny, reflecting metallic surfaces.

The Void light collection was designed by Tom Dixon in 2009 and comprises a large and a small suspension as well as a wall lamp.

Void's shade is made of metal and has an organic, three-dimensional shape, shaped as to have a double-walled shade. The small G9 lamp the light of which is directed in one direction by the shiny, reflecting diffuser is located in the central hollow. The suspensions' light shine directly downwards, the diffuser's shape ensuring a glare-free light. The wall lamp conceals the lamp with an additional reflector. The large diffuser and the wall lamp have a large, flat shape. The small suspension has an apple-like, compact, rounded shape.

The light fixtures available in three refined metallic surfaces and equipped with black textile cables creates precious, fascinating accents and adapt to many high-class interiors.

When placed above dining tables or bar counters, the Void suspensions provide a stylish illumination, while the wall lamp sets beautiful accents in bedrooms, corridors, elegant hotels and other prestigious interiors.

The Void lights' light is dimmable.