Tom Dixon
Copper Collection

With its shiny, mirror-like surface, this perfectly round pendant
lamp is an excellent example of Tom Dixon's classy design style.

The Copper suspensions by Tom Dixon captivate with a reflecting surface and a no-frills ball shape.

The collection includes three models: a small and a large ball-shaped light as well as a light with a flattened, oval shade. All are available in copper or in black.

The ball may have the appearance of refined metal, it is made of injected polycarbonate. The copper version has a shiny, reflecting surface obtained by vacuum metallization which leaves a thin layer of copper on the synthetic surface. The black version utilizes glossy lacquer outside, while the inside shines in silver.

The lower aperture has only a small impact on the light's shape, while a discreet dome located on top seamlessly follows the ball's shape. A slender, higher stem in the same shiny colour establishes an elegant transition between the shade and the transparent electric cable.

The surfaces of sun glasses and the helmet visors worn by spacewalkers, which both have a reflective, coloured surface obtained by a special metallization process, were the sources of inspiration for Copper. Originally Copper was selected to give a warm shimmer to the downwards reflecting light. Tom Dixon wanted to compensate for the former LEDs' greenish hue, but the reddish, warm copper shine also has a agreeable and emotional charm going beyond the functional advantages.

The Copper suspensions are perfectly suitable for the illumination of dining tables and bar counters and especially well harmonize with cozy interiors, with grand entrance areas and high-class living rooms, cafes and more.