Tobias Grau
Team Cowork

The LED floor lamp Team Cowork consists of aluminium and has two long reflector heads,
spreading direct and indirect light. With detector and application control and integrated switch.

Tobias Grau Team Cowork

Notes & Informations

The standard base is cross-shaped. The light fixture is available with an H-shaped base on request, against additional charge.

About the Collection Tobias Grau Team

With Team, Tobias Grau offers minimalist, state of the art workplace illumination. A rectilinear, modern aesthetic meets outstanding lighting technology and multiple functions for comfortable light control. The collection includes several floor and table lamps, the latter also as a clamp lamp. They are equipped with movement and constant light sensor and can be controlled via app.

Team is composed of a slender aluminium profile bent at a right angle to form the lamp stem and head. The detectors and switch dimmers are seamlessly integrated, and the LEDs are located inside small hollows, covered by special glass lenses which perfectly concentrate the light in one direction and prevent glaring.

Because all Team lamps produce a mixture of indirect general light (90%) and downward-oriented direct light (10%), an additional light source is not necessary. The strong light, mostly indirect, illuminates even open-plan offices effectively, while the lamp models Team Agile, Pro and Cowork, equipped with reflectors of various lengths, are ideally suited for different numbers or sizes of work desks. For work spaces in private homes, the collection offers the Team Home desk lamp. It is of a more compact size and its brightness is adapted to smaller rooms, but it still offers the same mix of direct and indirect lighting, as well as the same user comfort.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Height 205 cm, depth 210 cm, width 4.8 cm, head height 4 cm, base depth 60 cm, base width 45 cm, base height 0.8 cm, cable length 200 cm.
Bulbs 234W LED, ca. 31,200 lm, 3500K, CRI>94 (direct) / CRI>83 (indirect).
MPN: TM40-0


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