Tobias Grau
Salt & Pepper

The small rechargeable table lamp Salt & Pepper by Tobias Grau works cable-free and
appeals with an intuitive handling. To dim the light, you just have to touch its head.

Product details

Small, easy to handle and almost indispensable in everyday life: Salt & Pepper by Tobias Grau has a few things in common with typical salt and pepper shakers, further underlined by the two colours, one light and one dark. The handy rechargable battery lamp stands out thanks to WarmDIM technology, its intuitive touch dimmer and its long battery life.

Salt & Pepper is made of matt painted aluminum. It sports an hourglass shape, with a wide, conical base and a smaller head, the top of which also serves as a touch dimmer. To vary the intensity of the light, all it takes is a touch of the head. The diffuser is seamlessly integrated into the neck of the lamp and emits a uniform, diffuse light that is emitted downwards in all directions.

The WarmDIM technology ensures that the color temperature becomes warmer and more cozy when the light is dimmed: starting with bright 2700K at the highest intensity level, down to extremely warm 2200K with the softness of candlelight.

The battery life lasts for a maximum of 8 hours at full light intensity and up to 100 hours with dimmed light, depending on the brightness. The lamp is charged with a USB cable (USB-C).

The cableless lamp can be used as a soft light source for dining tables, as a lighting accent on a sideboard in the living room or as a reading or work light on the desk. It is only suitable for use in dry interiors (protection IP21).

Tobias Grau Salt & Pepper has been awarded the Focus Open 2018 Design Award in Gold, the German Design Award 2019 and the iF Design Award 2019 in Gold.

Tobias Grau Salt & Pepper

Technical specifications

Dimensions Diameter 13 cm, height 18 cm.
Bulbs 5W LED, 450 lm, 2700K, CRI>90.
MPN: LP00-1