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Tobias Grau is a German label for high-quality lighting design which has been creating innovative, multiple times prized designs for over 30 years.

The designer Tobias Grau became self-employed in 1986, first concentrated on interior design and very soon dedicated himself to light design. Since 1992, he has been leading his own brand with his wife Franziska Grau. Recently, his two sons Timon and Melchior have been involved as designers and give the family enterprise new stimuli.

Recurrent characteristics of light design by Tobias Grau are dynamical shapes, smooth surfaces, classic and refined materials and a modern technique. Energy efficiency is always a main topic - for this reason the company's headquarters since 1998 are equipped with solar modules and rely on durable architecture.

Concerning the lighting properties of his light fixtures, Tobias Grau convinces with actual, high standards. Colour rendering, glare-freedom and a convenient light control are significant factors impacting on the design. Beside, practical additional functions and new technologies ensure the lights' user-friendliness and versatility. Many models convince with high-quality, integrated LEDs with high colour rendering, cozy "warmDim" technology, long battery operation-times, movement and light detectors and more - always with the objective of creating up-to-date and convenient lighting solutions.

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