Tobias Grau
Maximilian Collection

A flat glass shade with integrated dimmer and a fancy wooden structure
turn Maximilian by Tobias Grau into the ideal floor lamp in the living room.

The Maximilian floor lamp by Tobias Grau is ideal as pleasant light source in the living room or bedroom. It is available in two heights and with a choice of two shades, each with a charm of its own.

The light body of high-polished aluminium is held by three slender stems of oak wood, forming a tripod which ensures the light's stability. The broad and flat, cylindrical diffuser of blown glass spreads a pleasant light, which is even continuously dimmable by using the button on top of the light head. The switch on the light head is coated with wood to match the tripod and stands out from the shiny metallic structure. The cable loosely hangs between the wood stems forming the tripod and reinforces the light's charm.

The diffuser is available with a smooth or a grooved or pleated surface. The latter imitates classical textile shades and has an especially cozy appearance.

The light's metallic body is manufactured using sand casting. Following this traditional, manual method, the liquid metal is cast in a sanded mould, which is first made for each single light. Using this method, there are naturally achieved small irregularities, chromatic differences and air inclusions, turning each light fixture into a unique piece, which should not be considered as defects.