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Terzani is synonymous for luxurious and artistic lighting. Within the past 40 years, the Florence-based family enterprise has become a brand renowned for its aesthetic and high-quality designs that reflect the spirit of the time. The designs by Terzani feature original shapes and are all handcrafted according to traditional methods, but are also equipped with the newest technology. The preferred materials used are metal, including precious metals, and Murano glass. However, design itself is given utmost importance. The Terzani products are divided into three categories: Terzani Precious, Terzani Design and Terzani Memory.

Whoever has seen the suspensions of the series Terzani Atlantis, Terzani Stream or Terzani Soscik will remember them forever. These memorable objects are a modern interpretation of traditional chandeliers. The many flowing and cascading chains beautifully imitate an elegant chandelier. In its irregular version, the Terzani Atlantis pays homage to the sunken city, whereas the wavy, regularly arranged Terzani Stream light sets flamboyant accents into the middle of the room. The graceful Terzani Soscik is an exquisite expression of modern luxury. The name of the spherical Terzani Tresor indicates that it contains a treasure. It consists in nine round discs made of hand-soldered silver or gold plates. The plates have various diameters, but form a regular sphere. The precious plate hide the bulb and reflect the light into the room. The result is a sumptuous light-fixture able to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

The light-fixtures in the series Terzani Design have an uplifting and innovative appearance and exude an exclusive atmosphere. One of them is the spherical Terzani Magdalena with ornemental cutouts inspired by the Baroque period. Terzani Anastacha is another of these appealing series. The popular series Terzani Ortenzia reproduces small flowers. The light-fixture series Terzani G.r.a. is more glamorous, whereas Terzani Hugo and Terzani Zig-Zag undoubtedly are the most original model in Terzani's portfolio. The new Terzani Angel Falls is an out-of-the-world creation that truly deserves the name 'designer light'. Numerous other series, like Terzani Bobino, Terzani Hook and Terzani Kristal belong to the most modern collection by the premium Italian light manufacturer.

Those who favour the noble lighting design of past centuries will find a range of elegant models in the collection Terzani Memory. Among them, there is, for example, the spiral-shaped series Terzani Antinea, the torch-like Terzani Phantom and the classical lights Terzani Mezza Luna, Terzani Solune and Terzani Alaya. The manufacturer paid special attention to the ornemental shapes of Terzani Rose Tulipe and Terzani Creole de Toi, whereas the slender Terzani Lola Darling and Terzani Virgins have extremely graceful shapes.

Today Terzani S.R.L. is one of the Italian leaders in the design sector. The founder Sergio Terzani and his sons Cosimo and Nicholas Terzani, the latter being both director and creative director, understand their company as a continuous project toward success - a success shared with an experienced team and a selection of famous designers. The designers are Jean-François Crochet, Giulio Lacchetti, Bruno Rainaldi and Prospero Rasulo. Some artists, like Nigel Coates, Maurizio Galante, Christian Lava and Dodo Arlsan, also contribute to Terzani's success. Terzani has its own research lab, where materials, technologies and ideas are developped and tested. Terzani does not want to be involved in mass-production, but produces unique handcrafted products with an artistic character. Terzani creates lighting sculptures.

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