Tresor N60S

Jean-Francois Crochet

Suspension Tresor by Terzani consists in a total of 3.900 coins welded
together to form variously sized disks. For fascinating light effects when lit.

Product details

The suspension lamp Tresor by Terzani is made up of nine circular disks of different sizes that are mounted on top of each other and creates so optically a spherical light object. Observing the lamp closer you realise that the single plates are composed of small metal coins, that are accurately welded by hand. Totally 3.900 coins are applied to produce Tresor. The light bulbs are located under each metal disc and create so a fascinating light effect. The lamp is available with in a gold or silver leaf hand decoration.

Technical specifications

Dimensions Diameter 800 mm, total height max. 2.500 mm
Bulbs 9 x max. 33W G9 230V halogen lamps.
MPN: 0N60SH5C8
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