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Bauhaus, the school for design in Dessau/Germany has become the leading school and think tank for young painters, architects and designers in the 1920s. The Original table lamp WA 24 designed by Prof. Wilhem Wagenfeld in 1924, and better known as Wagenfeld or Bauhaus table lamp, is definitely one of the most famous examples of Bauhaus Design and is exclusively offered by Tecnolumen®. Each Wagenfeld designer light is numbered and features the typical characteristics of the original such as the nickel-plated surface or the stem or the base in glass rather than acrylic glass. Tecnolumen® was founded in Berlin in 1980 by Walter Schnepel and is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of products designed during the Bauhaus era. In the past years, the lamp collection augmented from the Wagenfeld table lamp to many more original designs of the Bauhaus and Art Deco era. In addition, Tecnolumen® offers lights of contemporary designers such as Günter Wermekes, Ninus Tatari Yoash or Benedict Tonon, which all follow the traditional style of Bauhaus. The company is well-known for the unflaggingly high quality of its products and offers not only lights, but also accessories and fittings for doors and windows.

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