Studio Italia Design
Sky-Fall Collection

Die edle Sky-Fall Pendelleuchte von Lodes (Studio Italia Design)
ausgewählt aus mundgeblasenem Glas und spendet direktes und diffuses Licht.

Sky-Fall by Lodes (Studio Italia Design) is an extraordinary suspension with a metallic structure and a diffuser from blown-glass.

The convex diffuser tapers upwards and is reminiscent of a bellied bottle but surprises because it seemingly does not contain a bulb. Two LED light sources provide light and diffusely but also directly light downwards. Two vertical filaments are visible through the clear glass inside the diffuser. The luminosity of Sky-Fall is dimmable by means of an external dimmer that is not comprised in the delivery.

The diffuser of the suspension is available in various beautifully elegant colours and two different sizes (medium and large).