SLV Lights & Lamps


SLV has produced light fixtures and light sconces, accessories and smart lighting systems for the home over four decades, providing a light solution for nearly every single area where lighting is needed on a daily basis. The company's headquarters are located in Übach-Palenberg, in Germany's Rhine Westphalia region. It has hundred of employees and is represented in numerous countries. It offers a choice of products ranging from the functional spotlight to decorative lights for inside and includes lamps, indoor lights with LEDs and a lot more.

SLV was founded in 1979 in Übach next to Aachen and first operated as a subcontractor in the field of lighting and sound techniques. In the eighties, SLV added decorative light fixtures to its programme; technical light fixtures followed in the 1990s, and LED lamps for inside and outside were added from the 2000s. Thanks to its large choice of products, the company has been able to satisfy clients everywhere in Germany, as well as worldwide, and to increase the number of its employees to 600.

SLV's expressed aim is to develop high-quality products featuring the highest technical level of their times. Its long experience in the lighting field is reflected by the SLV products' development, which includes conventional lights, but also modern LED lights and smart home lighting systems.