La Lollo Collection

The lights in the La Lollo collection by Slamp have
fascinatingly complex shades, made of cylindrical plastic elements.

The lamp collection La Lollo by Slamp enchants with complex diffusers, made of patented Slamp plastics, thanks to which even the largest lamps in the collection are relatively lightweight. The graceful lamps were designed by Lorenza Bozzoli.

The collection includes a wall lamp, a floor lamp and pendant lamps in various sizes. The two largest pendant lights bear the name La Lollona.

The construction of the La Lollo and La Lollona lights is always the same: the shade is made up of cylindrical plastic tubes that are arranged in a ring - in the case of the wall lamp in a semicircle. The larger pendant lamps combine several such rings to form a multi-tiered shade, whose silhouette and complexity are reminiscent of classic chandeliers.

The cylindrical elements are made of patented technopolymers. Depending on the version, it is Lentiflex®, Cristalflex®, Goldflex® or Pewterflex®, each with its own look and unique character.

The "Gradient" version works with delicate colour transitions from blue to violet; "Gold" and "Pewter White" with metallic hues, beautiful textures, offset with lighter-coloured or white elements; the white version is timeless and elegant.

While the wall lamp is equipped with E14 lamps and groups its tubes around the illuminats, the pendant lamps feature integrated LEDs that are located directly in the individual tubes.

The pendant lights are equipped with a white, flat ceiling canopy and are discreetly suspended with three cables.