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Roberto Ziliani realized a dream by founding Slamp in 1994. Ziliani, who had been designing and organizing events and stage scenery in the fashion world, in addition to his highly valued contribution in the business-to-business area, had an uncontrollable wish to do something "innovative & important" in the world of Design. This was how the mythical Slamp Tube was born which lay the ground for the company's success and became its reference product. In the meantime the best-seller Slamp Tube is available with numerous decors and abundant Slamp Children Collection with Walt Disney motives.Right from the beginning, Slamp collaborated with important artists, architects and international designers like Alessandro Mendini, Aldo Cibic or Nigel Coates, the director of the Department of Architecture of the Royal College of Arts in London.But Slamp's extraordinary design lights couldn't be realized without the use of innovative materials such as Opalflex®, Cristalflex® and Steelflex®. These patented plastics are as luminous as glass, opalescent, transprent or reflecting, thereby as flexible, lightweight and reasonable in production as plastic. In addition, only the best natural materials are used for making Slamp design lights: natural leather, prestigious woods or Swarovski® crystals. All the lamps are assembled on a one-to-one basis as handicrafts are, while the serigraphic processes employed in the creation of the Slamp serigraphic lamps are the same as those used for artistic prints.The result of this distinctive combination of Italian design, high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship are completely novel, aesthetically and emotionally appealing design lights and lighting objects.

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