Aurora Collection

Nigel Coates

Shiny crystals and remarkable synthetic strips composing
the Aurora ceiling lamp by Slamp create an enchanting object.

The Aurora ceiling lamp by Slamp is a remarkable design by Nigel Coates featuring sparkling crystals surrounded by a nest of synthetic strips.

Aurora is available in a choice of two sizes. Aurora Large has 97 crystals and five layers of synthetic strips. They are available in black and white and are made of special Plainflex synthetic material. The smaller Aurora Mini is also available in both Plainflex versions, but also in transparent or smoke grey coloured Cristalflex, a material similar to glass which lends the light fixture an especially exquisite charm. Aurora Mini has three layers of synthetic strips and 61 crystals forming its sparkling core.

The Aurora ceiling lamps are dimmable and create fascinating lighting effects on the ceiling. The special material mixture and their complex, multilayered shape are a fascinating eye-catcher, even when the light is off.

Thanks to the magnetic attachment, maintenance and re-lamping are especially easy.