Accordéon Collection

Marc Sadler

The Slamp Accordéon lamps by Marc Sadler appeal with
hand-made, pleated shades of patented synthetic materials.

The Accordéon light collection was designed by Marc Sadler, and was a result of his exploration of the possibilities offered by Slamp's patented synthetic materials Lentiflex, Steelflex and Goldflex.

The complex, lively pleated structure is carefully made by hand, and has the appearance of accordion bellows or of the pleats of a precious textile. The shimmering Lentiflex does not only break the light, it is also an eye-catcher by itself.

Accordéon is available as an LED pendant light and as a table lamp for use with exchangeable illuminants. Accordéon sets a precious, sparkling accent and at the same time exudes an impression of lightness in living rooms, bedrooms and public spaces.

Because the shades are hand-made, each Accordéon lamp is a unique piece with one-of-a-kind pleats.