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Wästberg – young Swedish lighting pioneer with a mission

Wästberg is a young Swedish light manufacturer of international scope under the leadership of the entrepreneur Markus Wästberg. The company is located in Helsingborg, in the south-east province of Schonen.


What is special about Wästberg lights
Wästberg lights – How it all began

The Wästberg portfolio
A prized design – Awards for Wästberg lights

What is special about Wästberg lights?

Lights by the Swedish light manufacturer Wästberg feature a distinctive, clear no-frills design. The light fixtures are mostly made of aluminium and steel. The unostentatious design brings the light to the fore.

Wästberg lights – how it all began

The birth of Wästberg lights can be seen as a mission. When he founded the company in 2008, Markus Wästberg wanted to discourage the use of sterile light in open offices and offical buildings. The young Swede wrote a manifesto with an evocative title "Lamps for Neanderthal Man" in 2008. Wästberg wished to make the light more human. More precisely, it meant giving up cold, white ceiling illumination and replacing it with direct and pleasant lighting. His idea was to create a lighting ambience in which people feel good.

The Wästberg portfolio

Wästberg lights demonstrate the influence of the country they originate from with a minimalist design. At the centre of Wästberg's aesthetics are suspensions, table and floor lamps which are endowed with sophisticated function and lighting technology.

Although only nine years old, the company can proudly boast of its numerous collaborations with industrial designers and internationally famous architects. Among them are the British architect, Sir David Chipperfield, the Japanese studio nendo and the French industrial designer, Inga Sempé. Most series bear the names of their designers.

  • Claesson Koivisto Rune w-131/w-126/w-081: the series bearing the name of the Swedish designer trio Claesson Koivisto Rune comprises a suspension, a floor lamp and two highly technical task lights. The suspension has a bell-shape shade made of sand-blasted aluminium. The floor lamp has a distinctive futurist shape; it has two individually switchable LED light sources and can also illuminate the ceiling.

  • Sempé w-103: the series w103 by the French industrial designer Inga Sempé appeals with a delicate and minimalist design in pastel colours. It is made of lacquered steel and aluminium and comprises a simple suspension and diverse multiples suspensions, a table lamp with a base and a desk lamp with a clamp.

  • Nendo w-132: Behind the exotic name of Nendo is the young Japanese designer Oki Sato, whose design creations cover a wide choice of uses, like furniture and graphic design. He is responsible for the Wästberg series w-132, which is composed of a suspension, a floor lamp and a table lamp made of lacquered steel. Its design features geometric aesthetics with shades of various shapes - conical, cylindrical or half-round.

  • Table lamp Chipperfield w-102: Sir David Chipperfield, a knighted British architect designed the slender LED table lamp made of brushed brass with a flat, round diffuser creating a refined appearance.

  • Multifunction light Île w-153: the French designer Inga Sempé created the multifunction light W-153 M, which can serve as a table lamp, a wall lamp and a clamp light. Visual highlight: the original sun shade shape in a large range of joyous colours. It features integrated LED lamps which spread a warm white light wherever needed.

A prized design – Awards for the Wästberg lights

Collaboration with famous designers works out well. Wästberg lights have been awarded numerous important national and international prizes. Among them are eight Good Design Awards, five Reddots Awards, the design prize of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Elle Interior Design Award, the Swedish design prize, the Wallpaper design prize and many others.

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