Wästberg Chipperfield w102 Table Lamp

The archetypical table lamp Chipperfield w102 by Wästberg spreads direct downwards light. The light fixture is mostly made of brass and is equipped with energy efficient LEDs.
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Product details

The classical table lamp Chipperfield w102 by Wästberg is a design by the British architect David Chipperfield who is famous for having rebuilt the Neues Museum on the Museums' Island in Berlin. Chipperfield has been knighted by the Queen of England for his work as an architect in 2009.

The task-light Chipperfield w102 is an elegant and timeless design light that convinces with an appealing appearance and a refined function as well. The round and flat diffuser can turn by 360° with the result that the light can be focussed. The light intensity is adjustable by means of a dimmer on the light's base.

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