Tom Dixon Lights & Furniture

Tom Dixon

Mirror Ball, Jack Light, Beat or Copper Shade - Tom Dixon lights and furniture are striking and memorable. This most important living designer in England is one of the greatest in the world of design. There are reasons why Tom Dixon is called a design star and a style prodigy by the best design magazines. As a matter of fact, each Tom Dixon design is more than a light fixture (or light). It is the statement that glitter and glamour can be allied with punk and rock. His contemporary extravagant style stamped with the influence of the 1970s and featuring some stylish elements from typically English pieces of furniture catches the spirit of the times and offers something for people of all ages. Since 2002, the company Tom Dixon bears the name of its founder. His brand is divided between Tom Dixon Lighting and Tom Dixon Furniture. The Tom Dixon showroom is located in London.

Tom Dixon is one of few designers knighted by the Queen - One can understand how important and significant his work is for the British design. He however started his career during the punk era in the 1980s. After an unsuccessful musical career, Tom Dixon became artistic director for Habitat and Artek. At the beginning of the new millennium, he set himself the aim of renewing the British furniture industry with innovations and a very sturdy design. Despite or maybe thanks to their obviously different styles, his light fixtures, pieces of furniture and decorative objects represent the unique Tom Dixon style: an outright design with rock glamour inspired by various times and regions and spiced with British peculiarity. And above all: they are always robust, very often crafted by hand and in a traditional manner.

There is barely a design hotel that does not have some pieces of furniture by Tom Dixon. His light fixtures ornate the windows of exclusive stores or illuminate the shop windows of backeries. What is so special about the products by Tom Dixon is the characteristic variety of styles and materials. Tom Dixon works with synthetic material for his awarded classic Jack Lamp from the 1980s. For the Mirror Ball or the Copper Lights, the inner side of balls from light polycarbonate is covered with metal. For the brass-covered Cell, there are Tom Dixon lamps with a special metallised head. Tom Dixon reinterprets industrial design in a modern and glamourous manner by combining cast iron with shades from brass or table tops from marble.