Tecnolumen Cubelight Table Lamp

Cubelight LED by Tecnolumen is a modern table lamp with a large variety of appearances. It features a polished stainless steel base on which 18 glass cubes are freely arranged.
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Product details

Tecnolumen Cubelight is a versatile table lamp in Bauhaus style. It is made of 18 glass cubes among which 14 are clear and white, whereas each of the remaining ones is red, blue, green and yellow. The glasses can be freely arranged on the base made of polished stainless steel. That is why the Cubelight can have a variety of appearances. Each Tecnolumen Cubelight is a unique eyecatcher on the sideboards, desks or bedside tables. When off, the Cubelight LED table lamp by Tecnolumen is a pleasing sight. It reflects the moods of its users and creates charming light effects in the rooms.

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