Studio Italia Design Lights & Lamps

Studio Italia Design

When speaking of Italian design lights, Studio Italia Design is one of the big names on the scene. The high-quality lights made near Venice arouse enthousiasm from the customers because of their extravagant shapes and colours. Needless to say that they meet the highest standards in terms of quality and manufacturing. Materials such as lighting glass and high-quality metals are the basics required for the manufacturing of Studio Italia lights.

Today the Italian lights manufacturer sells his products in 90 countries in the world and has a long and successful history. Studio Italia Design was founded in the 1950s and developed into a modern design company which has already worked in collaboration with some of the most famous designers such as Karim Rashid, the architects Pio and Toso from Venice, Marta Sansoni, Dima Loginoff and many others.

The light fixtures by Studio Italia are a highlight and produce a glare-free light thanks to the smart confluence of various factors. The viewer sees an interplay of light and shadow ; at the same time, the light fixtures provide order and give a structure to the room. Mouth-blown Murano glass often plays a major role. Whether it is clear or milky, the famous lighting glass is a basic component of the lighting objects and is stylishly combined with high-quality materials and surfaces.

Thanks to their modern LED technique, the lights by Studio Italia Design provide a warm and comfy light and turn to be outstandingly efficient. Even when the light is turned off, the charming light fixtures are stylish accessories in the home. Wall lamps, ceiling lamps and table lamps resembling works-of-art serve as ornaments thanks to refined details, even in broad daylight.

There are light fixtures by Studio Italia Design for every area of the home. Some belong to impressive series enabling to create fascinating lighting landscapes. The Kelly collection Andrea Tosetto designed for Studio Italia casts a fascinating and dynamic shadow onto the wall and ceiling with the aid of a complex, laser-cut shade. The light series Puzzle offers indirect light and a discreet design: flat rectangles or round discs pleasantly screen the light and are a clear, minimalist ornament on the walls, when the light is off. The exquisite lights with typical Italian charm are an enrichment for every room. They are design objects in broad daylight ; they are stylish light sources in the evening.