Sompex Lichtsack LED Spot

The original Sompex Lichtsack is a novel design light that illuminates its environment. The light is composed of a DuPont fabric filled with sand and a LED spotlight.
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Product details

The Sompex Lichtsack LED is more than an amazing design light, it is a cult object whose vivid colors and novel shapes reflect the modern spirit. The Lichtsack - translated light sack into english - is made of DuPont fabric filled with fire-dried silica sand. The reflector is made of aluminium and lodges the LED that is alimented by a power supply within the delivery.

The Sompex LED Lichtsack is a lamp of our time that unites the newest conception of design and the energy efficient LED technology. The soft body of Lichtsack can take any shape you want and, hence, it can send the light in any desired direction.

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