Slide Lights & Furniture


The Italian label 'Slide' describes its products as 'ironical'. Considering the useful, appealing, versatile and original pieces of furniture, lights and interior-design objects, this is understandable. When one looks at the fanciful combinations of furniture and light, like the Slide Snack Bar counter, the Slide Soft Cube stool or the Slide Ed table, it comes to mind that these designs are not only functional, but also have an ironic double meaning. The figurative objects, like the light-fixtures Slide Baby, Slide Honey, Slide KoKò, Slide Pure or Slide Buddha, feature some pop-art traits. They are decorative objects, light-fixtures and eye-catchers. This is made possible by Slide's preferred material. Each object is made of polyethylene moulded by rotation. Besides, it is 100% recyclable, and its production is environmentally-friendly. Slide has found the formula for original interior design and continues to successfully develop it.

The motto 'Made in Slide' means that all the manufacturing processes - from the development to the manufacturing, including the finish - take place at the SLIDE srl based in Buccinasco in the vicinity of Milan. These processes are the pride of the young team of approximately 100 employees. The plastic material, polyethylene, is moulded by rotation, a technique providing a large variety of shapes. That is why many Slide products bear the signature of renowned designers and artists. The material also has other appealing properties, like high quality and durability. Moreover, the every-day objects made of polyethylene are easy to clean and maintain. Because nearly every Slide product is also a lighting object, it is equipped with the necessary cable and can be easily installed. The finishing touch on creations by Slide is the colour. coloured light or a coloured finish on the plastic structure.

The uniqueness of the Slide products is owed to their designers: famous Italian or international designers are responsible for their designs. Karim Rahid created the wavy Sofa Slide Rap, available in lighting colours, as well as the uncommonly shaped stool Slide Koncorde and seat Slide Blos. A co-operation between Slide and Marcel Wanders gave birth to the organically shaped series Slide Chubby and to the bottle rack Slide Bacchus. The Italian architect and designer Paola Navone designed the archetypal chair Low Lita. Other famous designers like Marc Sadler, Alessandro Mendini and Stefano Giovannoni also designed objects in collaboration with Slide.

The most popular objects manufactured by Slide are, without a doubt, the luminous furniture like the table Slide Kubo Inox and Slide Kubo Plexi, the impressive daybed Slide Rococo, the side-table Slide Light Drink, the table Slide Arthur and the seat Slide Kalla. The outdoors products by Slide that illuminate garden and terraces with coloured light are also very appealing. The flower-pot Slide Il Vaso, Slide Bench Pot Light, Slide Star and Slide X-Pot are some of them. The idea behind the chair Slide Twist is just simple and charming, whereas the Slide Swing Lamp equipped with rechargeable LED ribbon is very original.

Whether they are luminaires made for inside or outside, the light fixtures by Slide always attract the attention of on-lookers. Their monolithic shape guarantees the most efficient lighting performance as it is the case for the ighting sphere Slide Globo Geoline-Out that comes with  a skewer to plant in the soil, and the floor and table lamp Slide Globo ST. The floor lamp Slide Fluo cast in one piece looks plain, but produces and interesting effect. For those who like to have a luminous Christmas tree that lasts year-round, instead of the traditional green one, there is the Slide Lighttree. Slide also has some suspensions in its portfolio: there is the star-shaped Slide Sirio, the archetypal rounded Slide Cupole and, last but not least, the futuristic Slide Ufo and the circular slide Sunday. All convey a modern, uplifting touch to modern homes.

Today young and ambitious companies have to be very present on the market and for this reason they have to develop a multifaceted approach as Slide did. The company that was founded in 2002 by Giò Colonna Romano is always developing new fields of activity that stand in relationship with its products. Since 2007, there is the SLIDE Events, a service company that specialises in the organisation of private and commercial events. The events offer the perfect occasion to emphasize on the luminous counter Slide Snack Bar, Slide Jumbo Bar or Slide Jumbo Corner. In 2011, SLIDE started SLIDEart, a project to promote a dialog between designers and contemporary artists. The result was unique pieces of art that have been exhibited in the "Sign Off Design" exhibition at the 54.th biennale of Venice. The small penguin light Slide KoKò supports the successful protection campaign led by the "Penguin Foundation" in favour of endangered penguins. KoKò SmART is the name given to the successful campaign asking for the talents of writers, artists and creative people from the world of design, art and fashion to design KoKò. The newest project also puts bright lights on Slide products and gives a large audience access to them: the SLIDE café in downtown Milan is a showroom of exception.