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Serien Lighting

From the ceiling lamp to the floor lamp, serien offers a wide range of lighting concepts, yet all the light fixtures share one thing in common: a clearly defined structure,which exudes pure elegance. Details are kept to a minimum ; functionality is paramount. Serien lamps are more than just light sources, as they are also endowed with a decorative role. They can upgrade a space and set accents in a room. They change the atmosphere and contribute to increased well-being. Serien.lighting was awarded the German Brand Award 2016 Gold for its outstanding brand management.

The designers Jean-Marc da Costa and Manfred Wolf founded the company serien.lighting in Rodgau, close to Frankfurt on Main in 1985. The company expanded so rapidly that by its 30th anniversary it employed approximatively 35 persons in production, marketing and sales alone. Retailers worldwide and an ever-increasing network of creative heads from Berlin to Tel Aviv round off the company's profile. Contemporary trends and impulses coming from the lighting technique impact on the design, so that serien lighting continues to surprise with its, unconventional, pioneering designs. These creations also demonstrate that innovation and tradition do not necessarily contradict one another.

Serien.lighting impresses with a large array of designer lights and is therefore capable of providing you with a product perfectly suited to your needs. The floor and table lamps create islands of light, illuminate tables, set accents or provide reading light. Whoever wishes to bath a room in even light can use a serien.lighting ceiling lamp to achieve this effect. Wall lamps are a good choice for halls, corridors and bathrooms. Thanks to the large range of products, it is also possible to create a whole lighting concept for a room or for the entire house. One outstanding feature of the many design styles is that they can be cleverly combined with one another.

At serien.lighting, aesthetic design is complemented by the use of high-quality materials and careful manufacturing. It is the only way to create light fixtures which will enhance your life in the long run. Borosilicate glass, aluminium and stainless steel are typical materials used by the premium manufacturer to give shape to his design ideas. The collection Serien.lighting Club, which convinces with its austere purism, is made of aluminium and chintz. These materials combine the advantage of a long life span and a light weight, perfectly suited for light fixtures. The importance of choosing the right material to obtain a unique and emotional effect is demonstrated in the collection Serien.lighting Poppy, featuring bi-metallic shades which open like flowers upon the bulb warming up.

Thanks to their minimalist style, serien light fixtures are suited to nearly all types of interiors. They integrate harmoniously into modern interiors, while they create striking contrasts in country-style houses. Since the designers working for serien.lighting mostly use colours like silver and white, these light fixtures are easy to combine. They complete other interior objects and create a welcoming space, which permeates well-being while fulfilling a representative purpose.