Serien Lighting Pan Am Cross Floor Lamp

Product details

The floor lamp Pan Am Cross by Serien Lighting features a large rounded head in retro-look from the nineteen-fifties. Besides the use of light aluminium connects it in particular with the field of aeronautics.This spotlight collection works well in shops and in homes. The range can create innumerable lighting effects, is highly versatile in its uses and concise in design. As with all Pan Am designs, the spotlight head can turn through its own axis by 350 degrees and can also be swivelled by a total of 270 degrees. A voluminous housing integrates all necessary operating equipment. The entire series can be equipped with a variety of reflectors and light bulbs, such as low voltage and high voltage halogen bulbs as well as energy saving, high output metal halides (price on request). Depending on the type of the bulb and reflector, light can be spread over different sized areas. So the light is forward beam to be variously angled and shaded sideways. Pan Am lamps can give off their light either wide and scattered or brilliant and focussed on one spot. This light is made from brushed aluminium with a protective coating. The table and floor lamps feature a dimmer on the cable.


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