Serien Lighting One Eighty S LED Track Head

Flexibly directable, classically designed: ceiling lamp One Eighty Track S for LED by Serien Lighting to be installed on an electrical track. The adapter for three-phase-current track is included.
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Product details

With the ceiling lamp One Eighty Track, the manufacturer Serien Lighting created a very flexible lamp. It not only slides along the contact rail, but the hinge on the neck of the well-shaped, classically appearing lamp shade, which is typical for the series, can be tilted by up to 90 degrees in both directions as well as rotated through 350° degrees. Some parts of the room can therefore be directly illuminated with direct light coming from the center of the diffuser, which comes with a screw base.

The surface finishes add to the quality of the luminaire: either brushed aluminium or white or black lacquered. In all three cases; the matt surface form a contrast to the glossy metal hinge. An adapter for the 3-phase track is included in the delivery. The lamp is externally dimmable with a phase cut dimmer.


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